Implantology is an area of Dental Medicine that aims to rehabilitate the lack of one or more teeth through the placement of implants.
The total or partial absence of teeth has a huge impact on our quality of life, compromising function and aesthetics, with serious consequences for physical and mental health.

Unlike removable prostheses, which generate some discomfort and lack of confidence, especially at the social level, implants have numerous advantages not only from a functional and aesthetic point of view, but also at the level of patient self-confidence.

Produced in titanium, a metal biocompatible with human tissues, the implants function as artificial roots on which are placed unitary crowns or fixed or partial bridges, which replace with a high degree of perfection the natural dentition.

With the MALO CLINIC Protocol (All-on-4® + MALO CLINIC Bridge + Maintenance Protocol), you can recover your smile in just one intervention, even if you have been told that you are not able to place conventional implants or that you do not have enough bone.


For the vast majority of people, implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. However, patients with maxillary atrophy are often discouraged from placing implants or impelled to undergo a time-consuming, painful and costly bone-grafting process prior to their placement.


The MALO CLINIC Protocol is a revolutionary procedure developed over two decades ago by Paulo Malo and the MALO CLINIC team, which allows the rehabilitation of total edentulous patients with the placement of only four titanium implants in each jaw, through a rapid procedure and minimally invasive – the All-on-4® Surgical Protocol. Because it allows a slope of up to 45 ° in the two posterior implants, the All-on-4® allows patients with maxillary atrophy to have a fixed prosthesis without requiring bone transplantation.

The implants will function as a supporting foundation for the MALO CLINIC Bridge which allows the placement of fixed teeth in all similar to natural teeth. This technique stabilizes bone loss, contributing to the preservation of oral health.

We are the creators of All-on-4

This surgical technique is in the “mouth of the world” but in reality it was created by Dr. Paulo Malo and developed by the MALO CLINIC team. Every year we perfect the technique that was developed in 1993 and was considered one of the greatest advances in the area of oral rehabilitation. We are the ones who train physicians all over the world but not everyone cares about being up to date and not everyone has the necessary skills. Caution is required when aiming to have fixed teeth. This technique is currently integrated in a unique and innovative protocol: the MALO CLINIC Protocol

We create and patent implants, surgical objects and components

When making an implant, know that if you are using a Zygomatic or Nobel Speedy implant this was designed in Portugal by the team of MALO CLINIC.

The MALO CLINIC Bridge is recognized as the best fixed prosthesis in the world

When you want to put fixed teeth on implants choose those that look more like natural teeth and are more functional. At MALO CLINIC, we not only guarantee a care that will solve all the cases even the most complex, but also offer you the best option accompanied by services, products and technology of excellence.

We are authors of more than 70 scientific articles

This is just one of the proofs that we are recognized as world leaders in the area of implantology and aesthetic dentistry.